HT Aero spoke about the use of aircraft in cities

XPeng X2 aircraft
XPeng X2 aircraft

Urban mobility company HT Aero, whose investor is electric vehicle maker XPeng, shared its vision of how its fifth-generation XPeng X2 aircraft will be used in cities, including autonomous take-off and landing for specific urban scenarios, internal planning, charging, and control flight.

According to the developer, the X2 is equipped with a robust, highly intelligent flight control system and has superior autonomous flight capabilities including the ability to provide autonomous flight route planning, comprehensive real-time visualization, real-time flight monitoring, real-time two-way communication, and autonomous return and landing. It is powered by a highly efficient charging system that uses XPeng's proprietary fast charging technology. The X2 has a user-friendly interface that implements a one-button launch, one-button return, and one-button landing, which greatly reduces the burden on the user, ensuring a safe flight.

Before takeoff, the system performs autonomous flight route planning based on the destination entered by the user, comprehensively assessing factors such as surrounding buildings, no-fly zones, restricted areas, and weather conditions. It is assumed that X2 will be able to transport passengers from the Central Business District to residential areas, airports, and other transport hubs.

The device will be shown on September 28 at the 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 2021). It has already flown over 15,000 manned flights. It is a fully electric two-seater aircraft with an enclosed cockpit. It weighs 560 kg (including battery) and has a maximum takeoff weight of 760 kg, which is equivalent to carrying two passengers. The maximum design speed is 130 km / h, the flight duration is 35 minutes at an estimated flight altitude of fewer than 1000 meters, which is suitable for scenarios of flights at low altitudes in the city.

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