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Huawei AppGallery and Talabat continue to develop their partnership in Egypt


Customers have always come as one of the most important priorities in the work of Talabat and Huawei to the extent that pushes the two companies to work continuously to innovate everything new in order to provide the best possible service for them, which is the motive behind the agreement of the two parties to establish a set of initiatives over the course of For more than two years, the Huawei Consumer Devices Group, one of the global technology giants, cooperated with Talabat; The leading food delivery and e-commerce platform in the Middle East and North Africa region, to develop an integrated and innovative customer experience that contributes to providing the greatest possible convenience and seamlessness.

Oner Algün, Vice President of Strategy for the Middle East and North Africa at Talabat, expressed his happiness with the cooperation with Huawei, since the integration of the Talabat application with the AppGallery; Huawei's official distribution platform, and the third-largest app store in the world.

Why did Talabat decide to enter into a partnership with Huawei and integrate the AppGallery?

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers globally, with more than 730 million smartphone users. In this region, the company has developed into a leading technical professional as well. Our data showed a clear increase in the demands of our customers on the Talabat application through Huawei devices, especially in some of our high-growth markets such as Egypt.

And since the customer experience is a top priority for us and Huawei, working closely with the Huawei team to create an integrated experience was the logical and necessary step.

After all, we operate in a competitive and fast-moving field, by bringing two great technology organizations together, and with data-driven solutions, we essentially meet the needs of customers, before they have to look for a solution!

How long has Talabat been working with the AppGallery team, and what are the major initiatives taken so far?

We've been working with Huawei and the AppGallery team since 2019, as a supportive and trustworthy partner for our organization, where we saw real value in their exploration of our business and their "customer first" experience. It's not just about creating a corporate partnership, it's about how we can provide a seamless experience for our mutual customers.

We have worked closely in all nine of our markets and launched large co-branded campaigns in the MENA region. One of our main campaigns was the campaign to change our brand from “Otlob” to “Talabat” in Egypt, where we created a co-branded campaign through a wide range of promotional activities to benefit Huawei smartphone users and increase awareness and publicity of the Talabat application under the name New in Egypt. The success of this campaign was amazing, reaching 94% of the target audience, and we saw a 240 percent increase in downloads.

And our partnership goes beyond just advertising campaigns. It is about working together to change the way our customers experience Talabat on Huawei devices. This includes small tweaks, such as a news feed integration that allows users to instantly access the Talabat app, with a simple click of a button. Through this integration, we saw a huge increase in engagement by 144%, which was undoubtedly a game-changer on the Huawei platform.

We partnered with Huawei as a technical developer; The Talabat app and website is one of the first food and delivery apps in the region to run its app on Huawei's newly launched range of premium devices.

This allows our app to seamlessly connect with the HUAWEI WATCH 3 | 3 Pro, bringing users a more convenient and smooth experience. In addition, when ordering from the Talabat app, the smartwatch turns into a smart assistant, allowing our customers to track the status of their orders and get notifications directly from their wrists.

What do you expect from the partnership with Huawei AppGallery from a commercial point of view?

All of our corporate partnerships have one goal: to improve the experience of our integrated system and better serve our customers, our restaurant and retail partners, drivers, employees, and society at large. In this case, the opportunity to have a major presence on Huawei devices helps us create a seamless experience for both their customers and our customers.

Of course, this partnership will allow for better brand awareness and we look forward to continuing to collaborate together, moving forward.

Do you have any other joint ventures you are planning in the future?

Our experience working closely with Huawei so far has been great, hence we have many upcoming projects in the pipeline.

One of our main focuses here at Talabat is to become the most popular and downloaded app in the MENA region - to be a true companion for our customers in their lives, and we believe Huawei can continue to make a significant contribution to that. We are very excited to continue working with Huawei to integrate more innovative technologies.

This will include the availability of Talabat on Huawei's Petal Search and Petal Maps platforms, as well as Huawei's range of premium devices such as the next-generation HUAWEI Vision S TV and the new HUAWEI MatePad Pro tablet that will be launched soon in the Middle East and North African markets.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership and relationship with the great Huawei team, and moving forward!

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