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Huawei is expanding its leading products and services to meet the needs of the business sector

Huawei Consumer Business Group announced its plan to expand its partnerships with the business and institutional sectors by providing a range of products that suit the needs of this sector and providing the smart office experience that Huawei provides through a group of different devices capable of synchronizing with each other And communication without any problem and with different features, high capabilities, and superior specifications. Huawei is expanding to provide a range of its leading products and services to meet the needs of the business sector.

Huawei attaches great importance during the current period to work to provide products that are compatible with the business sector mixed with the usual Huawei character in its devices from lightweight, design ingenuity, and secure communication without sacrificing strong performance, as the company harnesses many of its resources to cooperate with this sector and cooperate with it in launching more Among the innovative services and products that focus on productivity and practicality, in line with the requirements of the business sector, such as the MateBook B series of laptops, which will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year, in addition to a group of tablets that suit the needs of the business sector, and the desktop computer such as the MateStation S, and other office devices such as printers and routers. The company also announced its plans to launch smart and integrated systems for cars during the second half of next year, in cooperation with major car companies in Egypt, and to provide new technological solutions that would bring about a technological revolution in this sector.

The company has organized, during the last period, an extensive meeting with a large number of its partners, including major customers, distributors, and representatives of a number of major business sector institutions, in order to present Huawei products and services within the framework of the smart office and office equipment experience, and to introduce them to the expansion plans in distribution and supply, which are changing The concept of smart office devices and the provision of advanced scenarios of cooperation and seamless interconnection between the various devices that people and companies use to work, which was very welcomed by all attendees who expressed their happiness that Huawei provided these smart solutions in the Egyptian market, which would raise productivity and reliability rates, which is what It will push them to expand their partnerships and cooperation with Huawei in order to obtain these services and products.

Beck Yen, President of Huawei Egypt for Al-Muslak Business, confirmed, the Egyptian market is one of the best promising markets in the region, as the company seeks specifically in the coming period to focus on providing a range of smart products that suit the needs of the business and institutional sectors and providing them with the latest devices and technologies that it has reached. The company is in the smart office experience. We are presently introducing new models of laptops and tablets that suit different office work, supported by highly efficient features and features that contribute to seamless and integrated interconnection.

This Huawei has launched a super - devices group, which includes the mobile computer HUAWEI MateBook D15 and tablet HUAWEI MatePad 11 screen For HUAWEI MateView, where the group has achieved great success in the Egyptian market, which reflects the company's keenness to provide ways to innovate and strengthen its organs in all technological solutions advanced belief From the company's role in formulating new standards for the electronic devices market, with its expertise and advanced technologies that contribute to meeting all the needs of consumers in the Egyptian market.

It is worth noting that Huawei has continuous plans for innovation and development for all aspects and characteristics of its devices and services, as part of its integrated plan to provide an integrated user experience, enabling users to make the most of their devices’ capabilities of connectivity and practicality, whether in work, study or entertainment scenarios. The company has also injected large investments to expand its operations in Egypt, most notably the increase in the number of employees by 40% over the past months, bringing the company to nearly 1,000 employees, with the majority of employees being Egyptians by 95%, in line with the company’s policy and plans.

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