Huawei's AppGallery platform writes a success story with the "Talabat" application

The Huawei AppGallery application platform has managed, since its first launch in 2018, to increase the number of its users worldwide; It has reached more than 550 million monthly active users in 170 countries and with more than 4 million developers globally, plus the platform has seen a huge increase in registered developers, which shows the increasing impact of the AppGallery platform on developers and mobile users in the world.

Perhaps the story of Huawei and Talabat is one of the most successful stories in the world of technologies and mobile phones, where the partnership between Huawei and Talabat began in 2019, as the experience jumped from one success to another, achieving the two companies’ vision of “customer first”, which is not only related to the establishment of an institutional partnership but rather It's about how we provide a seamless experience to customers.

The fruitful cooperation between Huawei and Talabat supported its largest and most risky campaign when the people in charge of the application decided to change its brand name from “Otlob” to “Talabat”, which required media, advertising, and technical support at the event level, which Talabat was able to achieve through its cooperation with Huawei. Through a wide range of promotional activities to benefit Huawei smartphone users, increase awareness, and introduce the “Talabat” application under the new name in Egypt. The success of this campaign was amazing, reaching 94% of the target audience, and seeing a 240 percent increase in downloads.

This reflects the great efforts that are being made to make the AppGallery platform more widespread, through its efforts to work with developers at the local and global levels. Best practices and campaigns were launched to get more promising business opportunities to increase awareness and interaction with their brand locally and across more overseas markets.

Oner Algün, Vice President of Strategy for the Middle East and North Africa at Talabat, said, “Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers globally, as the company has evolved into a leading technology professional. Our data has shown a clear increase in orders Our customers apply “Talabat” through Huawei devices, especially in some of our high-growth markets such as Egypt.”

Talabat generated a significant increase in engagement by 144%, which was undoubtedly a game-changer on the Huawei platform; The Talabat app and website are one of the first food and delivery apps in the region to run its app on Huawei's newly launched range of premium devices. The availability of the Talabat application on Huawei's Petal Search and Petal Maps platforms, in addition to Huawei's range of premium devices such as the next-generation HUAWEI Vision S TV and the new HUAWEI MatePad Pro tablet, increased customer interactions.

It is worth noting that the HUAWEI AppGallery has achieved many success stories with many partners to launch their applications on the platform, such as smart transportation applications, many banking applications, e-wallets, and innovative electronic payments. HUAWEI AppGallery achieved 384.4 billion application downloads in 2020. The number of applications launched on the AppGallery platform in 2020 outside China is 10 times more than the number of applications made available on the platform in 2019.

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