Human ancestors from Pleiades star cluster aliens

Pleiadian aliens, commonly known as Nordic aliens, are from the Pleiades star cluster. The Pleiadians resemble humans, but they can exist in several spatial and temporal dimensions, and they have the capacity to regulate the energy of spiritual places. The Pleiadians are descended from the Pleiades star constellation, which contains seven stars, one of which is Taiga. There are nine planets that rotate around a star, four of which are inhabited by intelligent creatures. Pleiadian aliens are said to have originated on the planet Erra, which orbits the star Taiga.

Erra is quite similar to Earth and is 10% smaller than our home planet. Erra is home to over 400 million species. Animals and vegetation exist there, just like on Earth. On Erra, a day is only 6/10 of a second, shorter than on Earth. This planet's people do not utilize telephones since they can communicate through telepathy. The Pleiadians travel the planet via a network of spatial channels.

Many people believe that Pleiadians are extraterrestrial ambassadors known as the Nordic or Pleiadian race. Contactees claimed in the 1950s that the Pleiades are from the planet Venus, and later claimed they are from the Pleiades star cluster. Maybe Nordics prefer to hide information about their native planet because they are not interested to reveal their actual birthplace due to security reasons. They are supposed to be the angelic creatures seen in numerous faiths and ancient civilizations.

These benevolent aliens are said to represent the True White Brothers, who were prophesied to appear at the conclusion of the fourth era in Hopi prophecy. Although the Nordics are widely seen as a benevolent species, it is possible that the Vril Society was influenced by them, and that groups exist who have gone from the path of light, associating with malignant powers fighting against mankind.

The Pleiadians have a normal life span of 700 years and no medical concerns since they regulate their health through mental abilities. The majority of them are vegetarians, yet meat items are not off-limits to them.  They have no currency and share their planet's resources with others. They live a healthy spiritual existence despite their rejection of God as the creator of life, and their philosophy is based on the Universal truth of Creation.

The Nordic Aliens, also known as The Blonde Humanoids and Tall White Aliens. The moniker "Nordic Aliens" may refer to the Nordic (Norwegian or Norse) cultures of Scandinavia (a cultural, historical, and ethnolinguistic region in northern Europe).

In ufology, Nordic aliens are humanoid extraterrestrials who resemble Nordic-Scandinavians and are said to be from the Pleiades. According to the contactees' claims, they are six to seven feet tall (about two meters) with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin complexion. In the mid-1950s, ufologist George Adamski was among the first to claim contact with Nordic aliens, and researchers observe that the mythology of extraterrestrial visitation from beings with Aryan traits frequently includes claims of telepathy, compassion, and physical beauty.

Some think that Nordics have missing irises and wear contact lenses to fit in when they visit our planet. They can readily pass for Earthlings and those who have interacted with their claim that their appearance allows them to freely traverse our globe. Many contactees also allege that these aliens are deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de Nordics are creatures of fourth and fifth-density beings.

Nordics are typically watchers, occasionally witnessing events and contactees from within their vessel, which can range from spherical to cigar-shaped. Nordics, being members of the Galactic Federation, frequently retain their distance from humans, interacting only telepathically or via dreams.


This species is less commonly related to abduction experiences, and when it is, the message is usually one of peace and care for the Earth's well-being.

The Travis Walton case was one of the most noteworthy and interesting examples of Nordic abduction. Walton was working as a logger in Arizona when he and his lumber crew came upon a hovering extraterrestrial craft and were struck unconscious by a beam of light radiating from the UFO. He was carried on board and met a variety of creatures, including a Nordic-like race of towering, white humanoids. After five days, the craft freed him, and the narrative that followed became a media phenomenon. Walton wrote about his experiences in his book The Walton Experience, which was adapted into the 1993 film Fire in the Sky.

Billy Meier, a Swedish farmer who claims to have had communication with the Plejarans, a Nordic alien species, is another noteworthy contactee. Throughout his life, he has shot, videotaped, and communicated with these entities in order to relay their teachings of peace and love to humanity. Another early Nordic contactee from the 1950s was George Adamski, who claimed to have had contact with a group of Nordic aliens from Venus. He authored multiple books on the subject and claimed that the FBI and the US government cleared his contents.


Pleiadians appear to have both males and females. Many Pleiadians have an Asian appearance similar to grays, and Pleiadians do not carry much excess fat, despite the fact that females are renowned to have curvaceous forms. They normally don't have curly hair or beards.

Despite this, there are significant variances, since some races inhale nitrogen (N2) and exhale nitrous oxide (N2O). That suggests the Pleiadians totally misunderstood cellular respiration. Though certain organisms do decrease molecular nitrogen, this is a relatively endergonic mechanism that is employed to get it rather than for respiration. It is conceivable to use nitrogen oxides as electron acceptors through a process known as denitrification, however, Pleiadians should breathe nitrous oxide and exhale molecular nitrogen, not the other way around, as reported.

The Pleiadian food and digestive system are both considered "exotic." Food is absorbed through the mouth, processed down by an organ that resembles a stomach, and transferred to the skin by millions of capillaries, and Pleiadians excrete through their pores. In most races, the intestines are still there but vestigial, to the point where they can be up to 6 to 8 feet shorter. Fortunately, their clothes are capable of reabsorbing waste and converting it into lubricant. Nobody knows what selective pressure drove them not to utilize the anus for excrement and to be continually lubricated. Pleiadians refuse to eat meat, despite the fact that their small intestines are capable of doing so. They have peculiar digestive systems that allow waste to be expelled through their pores. Their form-fitting gear absorbs it and recycles it for various use. While this species has been known to be able to swallow meat on occasion, it appears that they prefer to eat vegetation.

Several data demonstrate the existence of Pleiades aliens and their travels to Earth.

They are a very old species of humanoids who are well-versed in the history of human evolution on Earth. According to them, the Earth is six billion years old, and it is thought that the Pleiadian aliens have a common ancestry with humans, as the residents of Lyra are our common ancestors. The Lyrans are claimed to have found Earth long before the Pleiadians. They look to be extremely similar to humans. The exception is their skin color, which is lighter than that of humans.

DNA testing is underway, and geneticists have uncovered groupings that exist only in Pleiadians to a lesser extent in Pleiadian-captured countries such as England and Ireland. This DNA is not passed on to any other group of individuals on the earth. The Pleiadians uncovered 120 million-year-old petrified human footprints on Earth, indicating the presence of aliens. They determined the ages of the Sun, galaxies, and planets from the formation of the initial gas, rather than when these objects existed as solids.

They assist in the development of life forms such as whales and dolphins on Earth. They are in charge of telling people about energy healing treatments that were found several years later.

During one of their study trips, the Pleiadians found a minor solar system with planet Earth. They discovered three tribes of uncivilized people on Earth. The pale Lyrans had the most advanced civilization.

What does History say?

The aliens were found after a British mother saw two of them in a UFO orbiting over her house as her children were outside studying it. According to the woman who saw them, they are quite tall and have a light complexion. They resemble humans in appearance, with the exception of having substantially larger foreheads than the average human. They are also said to have long blonde hair and blue eyes. It's unclear whether these aliens are friendly.

Here is the story, on October 21, 1954, two children and their mother witnessed a massive flying object (perhaps a UFO) flying and then lingering over their house in England. The mother first heard some weird noises and assumed they were her children goofing about, but she later discovers them outdoors gazing at something. They inform her that they have noticed something floating above their house. The mother misunderstood it as a joke and welcomed the two inside. The mother then looks out the window and notices the large object. She noticed two Nordic Aliens sitting inside, watching their house. The mom was stunned and immediately grabbed her children, attempting to protect them in every way she could. When the mother went outside, she saw the thing fly away. The aliens may have seen more of Earth, or they may have just abandoned it. The clip of the lady discovering the device is still available, however, it was removed from the British news for different (unknown) reasons.

Early accounts of Nordic-type aliens, according to cultural historian David J. Skal, may have been influenced in part by the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still, in which an extraterrestrial appears on Earth to warn mankind of the risks of atomic bombs. According to Bates College professor Stephanie Kelley-Romano, alien abduction beliefs are "a living myth," and Nordic aliens "are generally connected with spiritual growth and love and operate as protectors for the experiencers."

Nordic aliens are frequently characterized in contactee and ufology literature as friendly or even "magical" species that desire to watch and speak with humanity and are worried about the Earth's environment or possibilities for global peace. Nordic aliens are also said to have telepathic abilities, and believers describe them as "paternal, vigilant, smiling, friendly, and young."

Many contactees, particularly those in Europe, claimed experiences with aliens meeting this description throughout the 1950s. In succeeding decades, such reports became less prevalent as the grey alien superseded the Nordic in most reported stories of extraterrestrial encounters.

Pleiadians are linked to Atlantis and Lemuria in some way. The Pleiadians were responsible for Reiki, ear candling, Shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, and crystal healing. The Pleiadians introduced dolphins to Earth, and we know this because JFK's soul spoke with a human via automatic writing to inform us of this. Jesus, like his father, was a Pleiadian, albeit his mother was Lyran. Pleiadians like sex ( not Jesus and his family... but they must if they are Pleiadians). As part of the war against the Illuminati, the Pleiadians are assisting us in fighting the wicked space reptiles (and you thought we couldn't tie this to Reptoids). They are Old, Old, Old Earth creationists who believe the Earth is 626 billion years old. Pleiadians appear to be truth seekers.

The common ancestors of both humans and Pleiadians, according to Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of the Dawn, arrived from another universe and seeded many worlds in our universe (including Earth) with their DNA. Yes, DNA exists in aliens who developed in an entirely other cosmos, probably with their own rules of chemistry (and physics). The Pleiadians emerged before we humans and ascended to the next "evolutionary stage," or the Akashic plane, or whatever rubbish. And, wonder of wonders, humanity is on the verge of reaching the same "evolutionary stage" that the Pleiadians have already attained. And the Pleiadians are eager to assist their "younger siblings." And the Pleiadians may have done something wonderful and helpful in 2012 to fight sadness and calamity rather than spreading it. If they did, it does not appear that anyone was aware of it.


  • In his book, Flying Saucers Have Landed and Inside the Space Ships, George Adamski claimed he was contacted by Nordic aliens.

  • In his publications, such as From Outer Space to You, Howard Menger claimed communication with Nordic aliens.

  • In his book The Walton Experience, Travis Walton claimed to have had communication with Nordic aliens.

Popular Influence

  • A Nordic is one of three primary extraterrestrial characters in the TBS show People of Earth, a comedy about alien encounters (along with a reptilian and a grey).

  • A blonde Nordic extraterrestrial disguised Sheila O'Flaherty, a wanted robber, in the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated episode "Aliens Among Us." She and two others pretended to be aliens, including a Grey and a Reptilian.

  • The evil Skedar aliens pose themselves as Nordic aliens in the video game Perfect Dark in order to deceive humans into subjugation.

  • The human characters in the television program Stargate meet an extraterrestrial civilization known as the Asgard, who looked to early humans as Nordic gods but are actually little Grey aliens.

  • In the show Superjail!, the Twins are a pair of Nordic aliens who spend their time pulling pranks on the warden, frequently murdering many of his inmates. They have prominent unibrows and are frequently accompanied by a Eurobeat leitmotif.

Pleiadian cosmology

In a vacuum, the speed of light is not constant. However, it departs from the standard Young Earth Creationist c-decay concept. Not only did old photons move quicker, but they continue to do so. Furthermore, it can still vary among photons of the same age, because the speed of light is affected by its closeness to mass and gravitational forces. The Pleiadians have yet to explain how human scientists could have missed this. Pleiadians can travel back in time and to higher dimensions through technological methods and communicate with the entities that inhabit those realms. The Absolutum is made up of around 1049 known universes, which Pleiadians divide into three categories, albeit only two of these are known firsthand.

Our universe in Pleiadian terms is 4.7×1013 years old and will last for another 3.11×1014 years before it “sleeps again.” Pleiadians have confirmed the Big Bounce hypothesis, so after our universe collapses a new one will begin immediately. Unless the nature of dark energy reverses, our universe will not end up collapsing upon itself.

Notable characters

  • Alena: Female Pleiadian astronaut.

  • Menara: Female Pleiadian astronaut.

  • Ptaah: 775-year-old male white Pleiadian, son of Sfath and father of Jucata, Pleija, and Semjase. He is fluent in Greek as a result of having lived in Greece during the 17th century.

  • Semjase: Female Pleiadian from the planet Erra. At the time she was 330 years old still young in her species she contacted Billy Meier. She is knowledgeable in diplomatic exopolitics, robotics, space travel, teleportation technology, and xenolinguistics.

  • Shasha: A self-described socio-cultural engineer/anthropologist. She is a 340-year-old female, weighing 100 pounds and standing at 5 feet tall BMI 19.5, with almond eyes and invisible skin tone.

According to eyewitness accounts, Nordics were spotted in the same extraterrestrial spacecraft as Grays. One possibility is that the Grays were slaves or servants to the Nordics since Gray's lack of empathy makes him a perfect butler.

The Pleiadians have frequently attempted to communicate their experiences in order for mankind to avoid the failures and catastrophes that they experienced. However, there aren't enough people listening to them right now. The Pleiadians will assist all of our planet's inhabitants in following the spiritual path of growth in the very near future. At the same time, all of this may turn out to be a lovely notion about advanced life beyond Earth. Except for assertions from astral travelers, we have no solid evidence of the presence of Pleiadian aliens today.

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