Hunter's Arena: Legends is also coming to PS4 and PS5

Another pleasant surprise during the State of Play was the announcement of Hunter's Arena: Legends for PS4 and PS5. This battle royale, developed by the Mantisco studio, will put fewer players on the map than we are used to in the genre, where the objective will not only be to survive, but also to become the best hunter in the world.

Hunter's Arena: Legends is also coming to Steam.If you are a member of PlayStation Plus, able to download the free Hunter's Arena: Legends. It will be part of the free game selection for August and will be available exclusively this way, from August 3 to September 6.

The game has two modes: solo and in trios. In the latter, the objective will be the same, but we will have the company of two friends. In addition, each character in Hunter's Arena: Legends will offer many customization options, so you can build it to your liking. "The peace was broken by demons that were released by an unknown power. Sensing this danger, hunters around the world gather, in order to put an end to this chaos", so reads the official description of the title.

In addition to Sony consoles, Hunter's Arena: Legends will also be available on Steam on August 3. You can find it on that platform today, but it is early access. Enter here if you want to know more about the game.

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