Hyundai, which has a larger trunk than the competing Škoda Kamiq. Bayon attracts with its price


With a tear in his eye, some people said goodbye to the ix20. The small Hyundai fits exactly into the taste of the Czechs, who longed for a universal, undemanding car, without unnecessary technical gains. It has been on sale since 2010 and production ended two years ago. He would now like to follow up on the Bayon model. It is no longer a smaller MPV, but a crossover competing with, for example, the Škoda Kamiq. He wants to address the look. Hyundai now offers several SUVs: (from the largest) Santa Fe, Tucson, and Kon, so Bayon is the smallest addition. And the manufacturer would like to convince its customers that Bayon is the spiritual successor to the ix20.

Although the small MPV had many qualities - a practical interior, a large trunk, simple technology, a reasonable price-performance ratio, and the image of a durable car - the sexy design was not one of them. Bayon, on the other hand, attracts with its attractive appearance - it is very bold, but as evidenced by the growing presence of Tucson's on Czech roads, customers obviously like the dynamic coat of today's Hyundai.

You simply won't miss Bayon on the road, it has distinctive split headlights. In addition to the oblique strips of daylight copying the edge of the bonnet, it has headlights connected to the air intakes, a distinctive radiator grille, and plastic side protection. The additional seventeen-inch bikes have been given a decent profile and increase the ground clearance of the car, so the owner will not be afraid to go to the cottage with it.

Bayon uses the platform of the i20 model, but thanks to the increased construction, it fits into it well, as time demands today. It also attracts to the suitcase, basically its size reaches the value of 411 liters, which even surpasses the Škoda Kamiq (400 l). However, it is a version with a non-hybrid power unit, it has a smaller case, due to the battery, the manufacturer cannot include a tub for the spare wheel. It is not without interest that the Bayon has an even larger suitcase than the larger Kona model.

As for the interior, it is pleasantly spacious in relation to the size of the car, and two adults will sit in the back. The cabin is solidly built and looks durable, although the design at first glance (unlike the exterior) does not take the heart at all. The most striking detail is the ribbed bar, into which the air conditioning fans are also integrated.

Bayon offers above-average safety features in its class, including active lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control using navigation data with intelligent speed limiter, high beam assistant, and emergency braking. And when you leave the car, he asks you if you left a sleeping child in the back.

The power units share with the i20, ie both an atmospheric four-cylinder twelve-cylinder with a five-speed manual and a liter three-cylinder with 74 kW, or a mild-hybrid variant of the same engine with 88 kW and a smart manual transmission, or a 7-speed dual-clutch.

We had the opportunity to take a short ride with Bayon. Crossover in red lacquer in combination with a black roof and on a decent 17 "wheels really looks like the world. Inside you sit comfortably, especially on additionally more significantly shaped seats, there is also plenty of storage space. While the basic Bayon starts at 349,990 CZK, the tested piece cost almost 660 thousand crowns, but the equipment of the car was extensive.

Behavior on the Bayon road will please all those who want to feel comfortable, safe, and secure in the car. The car is tuned primarily for comfort, has a soundproofing, nothing disturbs you while driving. The top engine with a dual-clutch transmission will not be the best-selling variant, but it ranks well, the smoothness of operation could be envied by DSG transmissions from VW.

If it is really the successor to the ix20, it will probably show the interest of customers, Bayon, after the first acquaintance, appears to be an attractive, yet very practical, easy-to-drive and comfortable car. It's not as cheap as the ix20, but it's one of the most affordable compared to the competition.

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