Iconic GTA V will run on PlayStation 5 in 4K at 60 fps


The iconic GTA V will run on the PlayStation 5 in 4K at 60 fps. This was reported by Sony itself. And although she did this in one of the entries on her blog a couple of weeks ago, they noticed it only now.

The blog is dedicated to PS4 and PS5 games that will be released this year. GTA V, as we know, in its updated form will be released on PS5 on November 11th. Previously, Rockstar talked about improvements in graphics and performance, but now we can confidently talk about the coveted 4K / 60fps ratio.

Considering that the game was released back in 2013, and now even very budget GPUs can handle it, there is nothing surprising that the PS5 will be able to provide sufficient performance for the negotiated mode, no.

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