Important features appearing in the new Chrome browser


Google announced the launch of the latest version of the Chrome browser, which is equipped with technologies and features that make using the Internet more practical and safer.

One of the highlights of the new Chrome 90 version is additional protection systems against NAT Slipstreaming attacks, where the browser blocks connections via FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols associated with what are known as digital 554 ports, as well as that the developers have equipped this version of the browser with technologies AV1 encryption which will improve and increase data protection during video calls.

And the other important feature that the new Chrome version got is the Link to Text Fragment feature, and through this feature, anyone can send a directive link to another user, and this link will connect him to a specific section or a previously defined sentence on one of the Internet pages, meaning that the recipient of the link can Reads accurately what the sender wants to guide him on any page, without the need to fully read the page on which the information is contained.

Also, users of Google Browser in its latest version can rearrange the pages and tabs open on the search bar or name these pages in the way that suits them, and access these bookmarks quickly by clicking on the Alt + Tab buttons.

The browser is also equipped with important features that reduce the consumption and traffic of internet data for open pages that are not actively used during Internet use, which will significantly reduce the pressure on computer processors and contribute to rationalization of battery power consumption 3dnews.


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