In the videos "VKontakte" began to test thematic selections

The team of the VKontakte social network announced the start of testing a new function of the proprietary analog of TikTok - thematic selections have appeared in Clips.

According to the press service, VKontakte is the first to launch such a function - no other service of short vertical videos has anything like this.

At the moment, hundreds of thematic selections are available in "Clips". They have generated automatically - thanks to technologies for recognizing faces and objects in videos. Among them - "Music ", "Technologies", "Video Games" and "Sports". The platform also contains collections on popular topics: for example, "Crashes", that is, videos with star performers, actors, and bloggers; "Krinzh" - scenes with strange videos; "Pop-it" - clips about popular anti-stress toys. The list of selections is updated every day.

Popular collections can be found in the Trends and For You tabs. If a clip is included in the selection, an icon with the name of the topic will appear above its description. By clicking on it, you can watch other videos similar in topic.

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