India announces its plans for future flights of its astronauts

The Indian Space Research Organization has announced some of its plans for space flights that it plans to implement during the next three years.

Speaking to the Times of India, the organization's president, Kailasavadeev Sivan, said, our organization is planning to carry out two unmanned space flights before sending Indian astronauts into space. We may need to carry out more than two unmanned flights to verify the efficiency of the vehicle in which we will send our astronauts. The matter will stop the performance of the vehicle and its systems during the test flights, and after evaluating the data we will obtain, the advisory board will decide on this matter.

Sevan had indicated in previous press interviews that the first unmanned space flight that India will carry out with its vehicles may be postponed from this year to June 2022, because the conditions that accompanied the spread of the Corona pandemic have affected the work of the Indian space program, and that the astronauts who will go onboard a vehicle. Jaganyan or manned (celestial chariot) will spend in space for a shorter period than previously planned, but this period has not yet been determined.

On the other hand, the director of the Russian Research Foundation Zvezda, Sergei Poznyakov, had said that India would use Russian and Russian equipment to complete its space exploration program.

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