Indian engineers filed a lawsuit against SpaceX, alleging discrimination

A former SpaceX engineer in Florida sued the company for racial discrimination. He believed that although he had the same position as some other employees, he did not have the same training opportunities and some documents could not be viewed. The employee is called Ajay Reddy. At the beginning of the month, he sued SpaceX in an Orlando court. He accused the company of discrimination, retaliation, and breach of contract.

Ajay Reddy is an Asian-American of Indian descent. He was a fairing repair engineer at SpaceX and was fired in May 2020. According to SpaceX’s statement, Ajay Reddy was fired because of the answers given to candidates during a panel interview. Ajay Reddy made inappropriate facial expressions, and his facial expressions made the interviewer uncomfortable.

Ajay Reddy has different opinions. He said that he was severely harassed during his work, as well as wanton ridicule and intimidation, which interfered with his work and gave false statements about his work performance. Ajay Reddy works with two white engineers. They both advanced to the company. Because repairing the fairing is a new project, everyone is not familiar with it. According to Ajay Reddy, one of the colleagues trained in California for a few days, while the other was able to contact the engineer who designed the fairing system.

At that time, Ajay Reddy asked the company to provide similar training but was rejected, so Ajay Reddy felt humiliated and isolated. Ajay Reddy also said that two colleagues made costly mistakes and destroyed equipment worth millions of dollars, but they were not punished. Ajay Reddy was punished for similar mistakes.

Ajay Reddy said: “The management blamed the plaintiff for the accident and error in an unreasonable way but protected my colleagues and completely ignored their poor performance.”

Not only that, Ajay Reddy also believes that the salary paid by the company to Asian engineers is significantly lower than that of non-Asian engineers. Ajay Reddy claimed to have suffered financial losses, mental trauma, extreme emotional stress and even lost the ability to live a normal life.

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