Instagram between a lot of influencers and poor viewership


The Instagram network has gone through many changes over the course of its life. Whether after Facebook acquired it many years ago for a billion dollars or before that. But at the moment, it is difficult to say, has Instagram changed from its first position? Or is it the users who have changed?

There is no doubt that millennials have given Instagram so much value. But this generation is now heading with lightning speed towards middle age. To the point that uploading a selfie may be a task that requires time and effort that they do not have. Or they may feel embarrassed about it. As a result, most users notice a significant decrease in the number of posts from their friends, the posts they are actually interested in, as opposed to an increase in posts from brands, influencers, etc.

On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic conflicted with one of the most important reasons for posting photos and videos on Instagram. He is bragging and showing off. Because the pandemic has prevented users from being in restaurants, public places, parties, and more. Which is a fertile ground for getting a great photo to post on Instagram.

Boring on Instagram

Max Reed, former editor in chief at Gawker. He wrote last year that he quit Instagram in early 2020 after the app got boring. Especially in light of the home ban, and in general, this is the general state that users are starting to feel, which is that the platform has become boring.

This general feeling is evident in the number of time users spend on the network. Whereas, for example, in the United Kingdom the platform is used for ten and a half minutes a day for users between 18 and 24 years old. This is according to statistics for the month of September of last year. This time was previously up to 15 minutes, specifically in the year prior to this year, 2019.

In contrast to the decline suffered by Instagram. The same percentage of users spend more than half an hour a day on Tik Tok. More than an hour on YouTube, all of the above appeared in a report on Ofcom and reported by the Financial Times platform.

Instagram, which was founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, wasn't just about sharing photos. Rather, its main feature was the ability to apply improved filters in seconds to photos in real-time. So that every user owns a smartphone capable of posting beautiful pictures. Especially since in 2010, the process of editing photos was not as easy as now, of course.

The danger of the platform

Over time, Instagram started gaining more than 1 billion active users in 2018. But Instagram's original goal of being able to post beautiful photos has become contaminated and become more dangerous. Because the platform has contributed more to the export of negative emotions than it is a platform for communication. Not to mention, the platform has become more about getting attention than just sharing photos.

With time, it became more and more satisfying. As users are exaggerating attempts to appear beautiful! Which led to significant growth in plastic surgery actually! It eventually led to the concept of Instagram Face!.

In 2018, after the main idea was destroyed, the founders of Instagram left the company completely, and here Facebook started adding more “features” and features to the photo and video network! Including the ability to display shopping links, additional video features, and more features that are often aimed at profit and nothing more.

And the platform kept giving users a bad feeling, which is that the rest of the platform users live a better life, and have a better time! And the situation remains the same, many influencers, beautiful people, fewer posts from friends and people we really care about, and a lot of ads and attempts to sell!

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