Instagram will not be available on the iPad anytime soon


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, but did you know that despite its popularity, Instagram still lacks an iPad version? Now, the company has revealed that it has no plans to release an iPad app for Instagram anytime soon.

During a Q&A session, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri addressed the question about the lack of an Instagram app on the iPad, with one user asking Mosseri, “Where is the Instagram app for iPad?”.

Mosseri replied, "I've been spending some time on the iPad because I've been on a trip, but there's still no iPad app for Instagram, and it would be great to do that, but there's a lot to do and just a few people."

This means that iPad users won't be getting the Instagram app anytime soon. It is also interesting to note that earlier this year Instagram announced that users will be able to post to the social network from the web, but the iPad is still deleted from this.

This means that users can post to Instagram from their PC or Mac, but not from their iPad. However, with the advent of iPadOS 15, iPad users will only be able to use the iPhone app on the tablet in landscape mode.

More recently, Instagram replaced the Swipe up gesture in Stories with sticker links, and according to a report by 9to5mac, Instagram started notifying users that the swipe up gesture to access links will disappear and will be replaced by link stickers instead.

While app researcher Jane Manchun Wong also revealed that Instagram is getting rid of the swipe gesture, on the other hand, YouTuber Sam Sheffer also shared a message that some users received on the Instagram app.

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