Intel XeSS support has already been announced for a couple of games

Intel continues to develop its XeSS supersampling technology. Although Arc discrete graphics have yet to be released, XeSS is already supported by several games.

Hitman 3 was the first AAA-class game with the announced XeSS support. The game itself was released at the beginning of the year, but this does not prevent adding new technologies to it after the release. True, XeSS will appear in the game, apparently, at the beginning of next year with the release of the corresponding Intel graphics cards.

The second game for which XeSS support was announced is The Riftbreaker. It is also the first game to support both XeSS and AMD FSR at the same time.

In addition, Intel announced that it is ready to provide access to XeSS technology through its DevMesh program. Anyone can submit their game for consideration, from large studios to small indie developers. The more developers take part in this program, the more competition among gamers with supersampling technologies will be in the next year when XeSS along with Intel Arc graphics cards will enter the market.

Recall that Intel XeSS, like Nvidia DLSS, relies on machine learning, but Intel has not yet disclosed details regarding the presence of the corresponding computing units in GPU Xe.

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