Introduced a cheap electric car with removable batteries


ACM and Magna International unveiled the City One electric car at the IAA 2021 in Munich. City One is due to go into series production from 2023.

ACM stands for Adaptive City Mobility and underlines the company's plan: adaptive mobility, especially in the city. City One is primarily intended for use as a company car and to a lesser extent for ordinary customers.

Magna International has extensive experience with major car manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, and Toyota and is expected to produce the City One from 2023. According to preliminary data, the car has already collected more than 200 thousand pre-orders.

City One allows you to quickly replace a dead battery. The trunk has four battery compartments to extend the range. Those looking for even more range can carry additional battery packs on the City One roof. In general, according to the Munich company, the car has a power reserve of up to 360 kilometers. Without additional batteries, City One has a range of up to 240 kilometers. The car's power is 25 kW.

The model is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 24 kW/h, which is charged from a regular outlet in eight hours. Quick charge City One takes five hours. One of the four replacement suitcase batteries in City One has a capacity of 2.5 kWh and weighs 10.5 kg.

Thanks to its small turning radius, the vehicle is very maneuverable. The vehicle weighs 950 kg and has a payload of 380 kg. According to ACM, the top speed is 110 km / h and the consumption of an electric vehicle must be less than 10 kWh per 100 km.

The dimensions are 3.6 x 1.67 x 1.67 m with a wheelbase of 2.5 m. The City One can be converted from a 5-seater car into a small truck in just a few simple steps while placing a Euro pallet with a load in it. The cargo area can range from 400 to 1450 liters.

City One should cost between 10,000 and 15,000 euros, depending on the equipment.

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