Introduced a handsome survival MMO called Bitcraft


Do you fancy some interesting MMORPGs that would appeal to you with a visual and an interesting idea? So the announced Bitcraft title might be suitable for you.

In it, the creators want to successfully combine various elements from survival, sandbox, RPG, and strategy games, where the whole action will take place in one massive world, where all players can interact with each other, while constantly changing its appearance.

In the beginning, you wake up in the skin of a mystical being, when in order to survive, you have to build a shelter, and then you start farming, fishing, hunting, mining, or fighting. However, this is only the beginning, when you can build a village from a modest shelter and then the whole city, which will trade in rare materials.

All this will then take place accompanied by handsome visuals and lovely music.

The game can be watched on Twitter or the official Discord channel.

Those interested can register for pre-alpha testing on the official website.

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