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Is it dangerous to use the phone while charging?


Our use of smartphones is constantly increasing. Smartphones facilitate entertainment, work, communication, and other tasks, but frequent use leads to the emergence of wrong behaviors, including using the phone while charging.

The battery can be considered as one of the most important components in any smart device, including phones of course. The battery holds the power and allows you to use that energy before you charge it again and then the same process over and over.

Because of this, companies are always trying to increase the battery capacity while maintaining the slim design of the phone. In addition to providing the fastest possible charging capacity, all these steps did not reduce the risk that arises from smartphone batteries.

The danger of using the phone while charging

Smartphone users wonder how dangerous it is to use the phone while it is charging. In general, there is no immediate danger from using the phone while it is connected to electricity - that is, to the charger directly.

This is because smartphone manufacturers are taking this into consideration. But it is very different in the case of using a non-original charger, as this doubles the risk as it contributes to an unaccounted rise in temperature.

Although, it is not too dangerous to use the phone extensively while it is charging. However, it is better not to do this, in order for the user to avoid any change in the electrical current, any malfunction that may affect the power circuit, or the charger itself due to the high temperature.

And using the phone while charging affects the experience on the other hand, which is the very slow filling of the battery, because the user presses the phone while charging and consumes power first, in addition to a significant increase in temperature.

Heat is the main enemy of any smart device, and it is one of the most important risks of using the phone while charging. These risks are magnified if the phone is used while charging in conditions that raise the temperature in turn, such as using the phone in the car while it is plugged in and exposed to direct sunlight.

There are various other risks, including the increased possibility of damage to the charging port or charging cable due to this practice. In addition to other health risks, such as the high levels of radiation emitted by the phone while it is being used while it is permanently connected to the charger.

One of the main practices with regard to charging the phone is to do this at an appropriate temperature with a distance between the phone and the user to avoid any radiation or thermal risks.

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