Java 19 official version released

The official version of Oracle Java JDK 19 has been released, bringing a number of new features, including support for RISC-V Linux ports, external function APIs, and more.

For Linux users, this release is now ported to support the RV64GV configuration of RISC-V, a general-purpose 64-bit ISA.

This version also introduces a record mode to deconstruct record values. Record schemas and type schemas can be nested for powerful, declarative, and composable forms of data navigation and manipulation. Although it is still a preview function.

There are 2 other preview features: foreign functions and memory APIs can interoperate with code and data outside of the Java runtime; lightweight virtual threads, which greatly reduce the workload of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications; Pattern matching for switch expressions and statements.

JDK 19 also introduces an API to express vector computations that reliably compile to optimal vector instructions at runtime and an API for structured concurrency.

New changes in Java 19 include:

  • Linux RISC-V port is now available.

  • External Functions and Memory APIs are a preview of OpenJDK 19. The API allows interoperability with code and data outside the Java runtime, such as Java programs calling native libraries and manipulating native data.

  • Virtual threads are in preview form as lightweight thread implementations for concurrent applications.

  • In its fourth incubator stage is the Java Vector API for vector computing, which at runtime utilizes the best vector instructions supported by the CPU architecture.

  • Structured Concurrency in its incubator form to simplify Java multithreading.

  • Record mode is used in preview to deconstruct record values.

  • New API that allows custom signature schemes for individual TLS and DTLS connections.

  • Support Unicode 14.

  • Added additional DateTime formats.

Other changes include:

  • New system properties for System.out and System.err.

  • HTTPS channel binding support for Java GSS/Kerberos.

  • Support for PAC-RET protection on Linux/AArch64

  • Add -providerPath option to jarsigner

  • Provide new options for non-default salt to ktab

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