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JD Express has connected to Douyin e-commerce Yin Demand Delivery service

According to, Express has connected to the Douyin e-commerce “Yinxu Da” service and will provide Douyin users with delivery services such as door-to-door delivery.

According to reports, “Yin Demand Da” is a high-quality express service launched by Douyin e-commerce, which aims to reduce the return rate and complaint rate caused by logistics, help merchants to improve the level of logistics services, and to a certain extent, improve user repurchase rate. JD Express is one of the first courier companies to access the Douyin e-commerce “Yinxu Da” service.

According to the semi-annual report of JD Logistics, as of June 30, 2022, JD Logistics has served more than 10,000 merchants on the Douyin e-commerce platform; in addition, standardized products such as JD Logistics Express and Express have a year-on-year growth rate of 41.6%.

During the Spring Festival in 2021, JD Express will become the official logistics partner of Douyin e-commerce "Spring Festival is not closed", providing delivery services as usual in nearly 200 cities across the country, and the two sides will further deepen cooperation after that.

IT House was informed that in early September this year, JD Logistics Express provided express logistics services for selected live broadcast merchants in the East, and realized the same-day or next-day delivery of self-operated products in the same city, and cross-provincial orders can be delivered within 72 hours.

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