John Romero is preparing a sequel to Sigil for DOOM 2

John Romero, the famous designer and co-founder of id Software and Ion Storm, may not be as prolific in recent years as in the past. Many years ago, after all, he was at the birth of many legends, including DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Hexen, and partly Quake ( we will not talk about Daikatana, of course), while in recent years it is worth mentioning the contradictory Empire of Sin strategy. It was created in his Romero Games studio directed by Brenda Romero.

However, under the auspices of Romero Games, Romero has created something else in previous years - Sigil, a new nine-level episode for the original 1993 DOOM. Sigil first came out as a mod on a PC during the summer of 2019, when it even received a boxed version, after which it met with very positive responses. In the same year, it became one of the first addons that players could download for free for the then-new console edition of the original DOOM, directly from the game menu.

Given the success of Sigil, it is probably not surprising that its sequel is already in development. As PC Gamer pointed out, Romero announced Sigil 2 during the extremely busy live broadcast of Realms Deep 2021, and it should come as no surprise that while the original project used the original DOOM, the second part, which promises an interesting map or a number of new levels, will enlargement of DOOM 2 in 1994.

The only bad news is that the development is far from over, so let's wait for Sigil 2 .

"I can't set a date. I think it will be worth it when it comes out, purely because it's a lot of levels and I want to make sure that they have a really good connection and a sense of progress and that they are really a challenge. It's fun to play, it's a bit like the DOOM 2 version of what you felt in some levels of Sigil, " says John Romero.

Romero also indicated that after completing the second Sigil, he would like to pounce on the original Quake (1996). But of course, we don't know the details. However, it is quite possible that we will hear something about the beginnings of the Quake series this week. There is currently speculation that QuakeCon, which launches this Thursday, will unveil either a brand new episode or a re-improved version of the original PC and console game. This could be similar to the aforementioned release of DOOM and DOOM 2 in 2019. So we can only wait for what Bethesda will come up with at QuakeCon.

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