Kakao Games Odin surpasses 4 million pre-orders

Kakao Games announced that the number of pre-orders for Odin: Valhalla Rising (hereinafter referred to as 'Odin'), a new mobile multi-connection mission performance game (MMORPG), has exceeded 4 million.

According to Kakao Games on the 25th, Odin is a game featuring characters such as 'Thor', Loki, and Odin, which are well known to us in the movie 'Avengers' series based on Norse mythology. It boasts outstanding graphics and 'multiplatform' features with Unreal Engine 4 as its strengths.

On April 28, the first day of pre-registration, 1 million reservations came, and before the release on the 29th of this month, 4 million people were reached.

Kakao Games will give limited edition accessories and in-game rewards that can be used after the game is released to all users who participate in pre-registration.

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