KeyApp: The app that helps you find a job and hire services

Today there are many applications that allow us to find jobs. However, in most of the vacancies, they ask for previous experience or a certain level of studies for hire, or on other occasions, there are people who cannot find jobs related to their trade, which makes it impossible for many people to obtain a job when they need it most.

This was one of the experiences lived by Julio Otto, who at his young age was looking for work to help support household expenses, but who realized that due to lack of experience and educational level, he could not find a job according to your profile. This is an experience that hundreds of Mexicans live in every day, so the young man from Mexico City decided to create KeyApp, a platform whose main purpose is to help anyone who can advertise their services based on their own knowledge and Level of Experience.

Julio Otto, a 17-year-old who is currently studying at the upper secondary level and told us more about the creation of the app.

After Julio did not find a job to help his family in the bad economic times they were living, he devised a plan to create an application that would help people find employment according to their needs, also help people to hire employees who offer the services they seek. This is how KeyApp was born, an application that has 4.5 stars in the Play Store and with more than five thousand downloads.

This is the first project carried out by Julio Otto, and which began without any previous experience. "I was completely zeroed out, I didn't know anything about business, technology, I didn't know anything about anything, I just started to investigate everything and with the help of a friend of my mother we designed the application from scratch," said Julio Otto. So far the application does not have any financing from other companies, all the investment has been in the hands of the young Mexican.

How does it work?

The way to operate this free application is as follows: once downloaded you have to register with your email, phone number, or Facebook account to start using the application. Once inside the app, you have the option to offer or search for a service.

If you want to offer a service, you can choose between the 58 specialties that the app has so far. Likewise, you can choose the way you want to offer your service, either in person or online, as well as the price range you charge, depending on whether you work by the hour, service, or day. You also have the possibility to add photographs of your work and a description of the services you offer.

On the other hand, to search for a service you have two options, search through the search banner with a keyword or doing a specific search, where you can add what type of service you need, in what way, either in person or online, the specialty, a description of the service you want to hire, as well as the money you are willing to pay.

When someone is interested in your services or you want to hire one, you can contact them through a conversation where both parties agree on the form of contracting, as well as the form of payment. The app will also notify you when someone is interested in hiring you or who wants to provide you with the services you need.

A success story

It took Julio Otto two years to carry out this project, from the age of 14 the idea was raised, but it was not until May 2020 when the programming began and finally saw the light in April 2021. The application is already here being used by many people who have uploaded the services they offer to the platform and Julio Otto invites more users to join this application to get a job. serve this application, said Julio Otto.

On the other hand, one of the things that have impacted the most about this project is the young age of the creator of the application and he recommends young people like him not to be afraid of failure and follow their passions; Do not be afraid of failure, that is the worst fear you can have, if you risk you will win something, you will gain experience or you will achieve your goals as an entrepreneur or in whatever you want to do. Another tip is to do what you are passionate about, when you are passionate about something things go out on their own with time, no matter how long it takes you, it does not matter everything you have to go through when you are passionate is when things arrive, he said Julio Otto.

Finally, in a few months, Julio Otto will finish his upper secondary education so he is preparing to study Business Administration to learn how to properly handle any type of business, both technological and social. Likewise, he hopes that KeyApp will continue to reach more people to grow more and hopes in the future to carry out projects that benefit society.

I would like to continue with businesses that have a good social impact, the truth is that I really like businesses that can contribute something to society, that is what I am passionate about, although if money can be a good reward, the real reward for me is to be supported by Mexican society, Julio Otto underlined.

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