Know the correct and incorrect uses of the mobile battery

Smartphone batteries are one of the most important components. This is because it determines the number of hours of phone use, and since phones do not leave the hands of their users, everyone is keen to preserve the battery life of his phone.

This great importance of batteries has led to the emergence of dozens of misconceptions and misinformation about them. Hundreds of tips have appeared to preserve battery life, but some of them did not provide any benefit, and some tips may cost the user time and effort to implement.

In this article, we talk about the most popular tips on saving battery power. We also explain the validity of each of these methods and the scientific basis for them. In addition to identifying the wrong advice, which is not useful in anything.

The phone can be charged after reaching 100%.. correct

You can charge your phone even after the indicator reaches 100% on the screen in front of you. But doing this will negatively affect your phone's battery life in the long run.

Smartphones intentionally prevent the battery from getting full. Because this may cause it to be damaged internally. That is, you are not actually able to charge the phone to more than 100% in any normal circumstances, because the phone will not allow you, but the same information is correct.

Phone batteries charge faster in Airplane mode... Kind of true

This advice is one of the common tips and spread among all users depending on the degree of their interest in the technical field. This information is somewhat correct. Because activating the Airplane mode will stop the phone from sending or receiving any waves.

This will prevent the phone from dealing with network waves, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth...etc. This in turn will reduce power consumption, and this means that the phone will charge faster because the power is not consumed quickly.

Going by the same idea, activating Airplane mode while the phone is not charging will make it lose its charge more slowly.

It has to turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, auto-sync, and other technologies that consume battery power as long as they are turned on. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off these features while they are not currently used.

Using a non-original charger will harm your phone

Inside each charger, there is an electric controller that specializes in limiting the electric current sent to the device being charged. Therefore, when you use a non-original charger that does not include a high-quality controller, this charger may provide your phone with more electrical power than it can accommodate.

Your phone won't get hurt right away and its battery won't be damaged, but using this charger in the long term will make the battery lose its life quickly.

On the other hand, charging the phone through a PC or laptop will not cause the same harm. Because charging through these devices sends a smaller amount of energy, which is good for the battery.

Turning off your phone for some time is good for the battery.. Wrong

This is one of the most common myths. However, it is wrong, a myth derived from nickel-metal hydride batteries that were used before lithium-ion batteries.

In our current phone batteries, you never need to turn the phone off for a short period periodically, but you can always do a restart of the phone every once in a while because this improves the performance of the system in general.

Phone batteries work better when they are cold.. wrong

Using the phone at normal temperature - room temperature - is the ideal condition for the batteries. While using the phone while its battery is hot may affect the life of the battery.

The same is the case with the cold, the phone should not be used while the phone is too cold unless it is necessary.

The phone must be charged when it reaches 0%.. False

The battery works perfectly when it is 50% full. While it's empty to 0% or its fullness to 100% are not the best cases for it.

Therefore, the user must charge his phone when it reaches 10% or 15% and disconnect it from the charger before it reaches 100 %.

Charging the phone to 100% harms the battery.. correct

This information is closely related to the aforementioned information. But contrary to what some think, in this case, the phone does not receive more power than it can handle, but rather reaches 100% and then consumes a small amount of energy because it is already working, and in this case, it starts again to receive power, and the process is repeated.

Replacing your phone battery is good.. right

Your battery gets damaged over time due to heat, frequent charging cycles, and the recurrence of any errors that affect it, and therefore replacing it with a new one improves the general condition of your device and the life of its battery. But the most important rule is to replace the battery with an original one.

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