Koei Tecmo's new work Wild Heart will be released on February 17 next year

Koei Tecmo announced that "Wild Heart" will be released on February 17, 2023, and released a trailer. Long ago, EA Originals, KOEI TECMO, and Omega Force studio announced that they will cooperate to develop this hunting game. Officially, this original game will bring a true AAA experience with a design tone of fantasy in Japan's feudal era.

Developer Omega Force, part of KOEI TECMO GAMES, is responsible for developing iconic games of all genres, from mowing games to hunting action games and more. In addition to the popular Warriors series, the studio is also known for its comic book adaptations such as Attack on Titan, Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, and Heroes of Hyrule.

The game will be available on PC / Xbox Series X|S / PS5 platforms.

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