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Kuchen launches an all-in-one quadruple sealing infrared sensor rice cooker


Kuchen is the first in Korea to launch an infrared (IR) sensor rice cooker with an integrated quadruple packing.

The new product is a 6-person rice cooker with an infrared sensor, which is a precision temperature sensor and is equipped with an integrated quadruple tight packing, and a new white rice cooker.

All-in-one quadruple tight packing is a new packing type introduced by Kuchen for the first time in Korea. It features an integrated structure with wings added to the packing. The wings added to the packing make the lid and the rice cooker body tighter.

The company explained that it effectively protects the high-temperature and high-pressure steam by holding the lid and the inner pot in quadruples and that the taste of freshly cooked rice is maintained as it is by preventing heat leakage with only one packing.

The ease of use and hygiene have also improved. The existing rice cooker packing was divided into a pressure packing in the clean cover and an inner packing located in the lid, so each had to be separated and washed. On the other hand, the integral quadruple tight packing is easy to clean and manage as pressure packing and inner packing are integrated and can be easily attached and detached.

The newly applied white rice flavored menu was developed by a rice sommelier belonging to the Kuchen Rice Taste Research Institute in accordance with consumer taste and rice taste trends. Unlike the previous days, which mainly preferred soft and sticky rice, the existing white rice was upgraded to meet the growing trend of preferring a soft and crispy rice taste.

In addition, the infrared sensor developed by Kuchen for the first time in Korea was applied. The infrared sensor is a non-contact infrared temperature control method that precisely controls the heat and temperature of the rice cooker, allowing you to enjoy the fine-grained taste of rice such as cauldron rice, stone-cooked rice, and nurungji.

The inner pot is composed of a luxury Cheoljeong edge inner pot with a charcoal ceramic coating. The luxury Cheoljeong Edge Inner Pot has a deodorizing and antibacterial function by adding a charcoal ceramic coating to the edge design of the exterior of a traditional cauldron. In addition, automatic steam cleaning, packing replacement notification, automatic cleaning notification, triple smart thermal insulation system was applied. It is a class 1 product with energy consumption efficiency, and the price is in the range of 500,000 won.

Meanwhile, Kuchen will hold a photo review event until the 31st of next month to commemorate the launch of this new infrared sensor rice cooker. After purchasing the new rice cooker, upload the testimonials along with 3 or more photos to personal SNS, community, YouTube, etc., and send the corresponding URL and the captured image for proof by e-mail to complete the application. Products such as pressure packing, silicon partition, silicon steamer, and rice container will be presented for each upload channel applied.

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