Kylin software ecological adaptation products have exceeded the 1 million mark

The official website of Kylin Software, a subsidiary of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. ("China Electronics"), shows that as of now, the number of Kylin Software ecological adaptation products has exceeded the 1 million mark. According to the statistics of CCID Consulting, in 2021, the Kylin operating system will continue to maintain first place in China's Linux market share and has ranked first in China's Linux market share for 11 consecutive years.

The total number of software and hardware compatible adaptations of Kirin software is 1,094,100, of which the number of software compatible adaptations is 755546 and the number of hardware compatible adaptations is 338554. In May this year, the output of Kylin software ecological adaptation exceeded 400,000.

In December 2019, Tianjin Kirin, a subsidiary of China Electronics, was integrated with the bid-winning software, with the intention of creating a new flagship of China's operating system.

Kylin Software has previously built a variety of platforms and mechanisms, such as the construction of ecological adaptation hardware environment and information platform, ecological adaptation certification self-service platform, cloud testing environment, software store self-service shelf platform, etc.; in Tianjin, Changsha, Beijing, Jiangxi, Guangzhou and Shanghai to build offline ecological adaptation centers.

The "Kylin Application Ecological Alliance" has also been established, bringing together more than 20 important industry application developers and standard software application manufacturers from industries such as finance, energy, communications, government, enterprise, and medical care. In close cooperation with chip manufacturers, it has established a mechanism for sharing ecological achievements and joint certification with CPU manufacturers such as Feiteng, Kunpeng, Loongson, Zhaoxin, Haiguang, Shenwei, and other CPU manufacturers, complete machine manufacturers, Hainan Innovation Institute, and related units, and promoting the construction of Kunpeng Innovation Center and many more.

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