Lantu FREE caught fire, the official response said that the vehicle was partially damaged

Lantu Automobile released the "About Lantu FREE Accident Situation".

Lantu Automobile pointed out in the description that at 16:28 on June 26, there was an open flame in a Lantu FREE vehicle in Xiangyang, Hubei . After the situation happened, Lantu Motors attached great importance to it, expressed concern and greetings to the users for the first time, provided users with a complete solution for traveling by car, and quickly set up a special team to rush to the scene to investigate and deal with it.

Lantu Automobile said that the situation has not caused any loss of personnel and surrounding properties, and the vehicle is partially damaged. Its joint suppliers are actively investigating the cause of the accident and will be announced in detail as soon as the investigation results come out .

Lantu FREE was officially launched on June 19 last year, positioned as a medium-to-large SUV, offering two models, the pure electric version and the extended-range version. Among them, the cruising range of the extended-range model under NEDC conditions is 860 kilometers, the cruising range of the pure electric model under NEDC conditions is 505 kilometers, and the four-wheel drive model is 475 kilometers.

In March this year, Lantu Motors stated at the ternary lithium battery safety technology sharing meeting that Lantu FREE battery can achieve the "three no principles" including "no smoke, no fire, and no explosion" after passing the safety test.

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