Latest Instagram Lite update brings the Reels feature to the app


Instagram Lite is a barebones version of Facebook’s popular image and video sharing app for Android. It measures less than 2MB in size and offers a clean, no-frills experience for users with limited internet bandwidth or low-memory phones. Facebook launched the Instagram Lite app in India at the Facebook Fuel for India event late last year in a bid to bring the Instagram experience to more users in the country. At the time of launch, the app lacked support for several key Instagram features, like Reels, Shopping, and IGTV, to offer users a clean and lightweight experience.

acebook is now rolling out an update for Instagram Lite, which brings support for its Reels feature in India. This will allow Indian users to watch the popular short-format videos in the Reels tab. However, Instagram Lite users will not be able to create Reels on the app. In a statement regarding the update, Facebook said, Now with this update, everyone using the Instagram Lite app in India will be able to view Reels with the Reels tab. This feature was expedited for India because of the traction Reels is seeing in India and the early adoption of the new Instagram Lite app.

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