"League of Legends" releases 2022 new season CG "Call"

The League of Legends 2022 season qualifying has started at 9:00 am on January 7, 2022. Tonight, "League of Legends" released the 2022 new season CG "Call". At the same time, "League of Legends" launched a new season event, and completing tasks can get double experience cards and masterpiece skin treasure chests.

In addition, "League of Legends" also stated that in the Deacon Pass event, the number of Deacon (2021) coins obtained by summoners was lower than expected. Starting today and ending at 6:59 on January 18th, all Summoners with a Deacon Pass will get a new quest: Complete 1 match to earn 150 Deacon (2021) Coins and a Deacon (2021) Orb .

Riot Games is broadcasting new news on heroes, skin events, gameplay, events, and other aspects in 2022 tonight. Interested players can take a look.

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