"League of Legends" will launch a new achievement system

"League of Legends" officially shared the new changes in the 2022 new season, including a new achievement system, so that players who do not play qualifying games can also become the "king" of a certain achievement field.

Simply put, the new achievement system is to record the different actions of players in "League of Legends", such as grabbing dragons, grabbing wild monsters, roaming, and killing, etc. These achievements are divided into 6 categories: veterans, expertise, teamwork and strategy, collection, imagination, inheritance, and small items in each category can be upgraded from black iron to king. Some achievements also have regional leaderboards, and titles such as "Turnover Boy" can be obtained.

In addition to the achievement system, "League of Legends" will also introduce new "Mythic Essence" and "Mythical Store", the original purple gems and prestige points will be deactivated, and purple gems will be automatically converted into myths Essence. Officials say that rewards for small event events (such as the 2021 Source Project and Battle Academy) will no longer be earned using Prestige Points, and instead will have a milestone reward system that will continue to advance as you open more event magic engines. The skins originally redeemed with Prestige Points will be changed to the final rewards of the milestone reward system.

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