Leak mention of Sony exclusive Ghost of Tsushima found on the mobile app

The reference to the samurai action movie and PlayStation 5 controllers was found in the code of the iOS app. The game is currently available on Sony consoles. The streaming service Netflix plans to deal not only with films and TV series but also with video games. An industry veteran was recently recruited. The company has no plans to charge a separate fee for access to games yet.

The Tape Drive editor-in-chief Steve Moser shared some interesting information with the readers on Twitter. Netflix is ​​working on a project codenamed "Shark". The icon in the iOS app is the fin. He also noted the presence of images of DualSense controllers for PS 5 and Ghost of Tsushima. The director's cut of the samurai action movie will be released on August 20 this year.

Steve wonders if this could be a partnership between Sony and Netflix.

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