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Learn about May 2021 items in Fortnite


The items in Fortnite are considered one of its most important features because the game is always fresh. It gives players a goal to stay in the game by trying to access these new items. The game always offers new items in the form of Skins, whether it is the clothes of famous characters from our world or the shapes of distinctive characters from within the game world. Many distinct forms have previously appeared in the game, such as Thanos from the Avengers series and the famous rapper Travis Scott.

As rumors emerged recently that the game will use the form of Neymar in its next update, we will not talk about these rumors or leaks, but we will only mention the forms that are confirmed to be released in the game.

Ruby Shadows look within the Street Shadows package

This skin comes free inside Fortnite, and it consists of a backpack, an air latch, and an ax. Although the format is free, you have to make an effort to get it. And in order to get this shape, you must log in to the game store through the computer, and buy it for free inside the store. You can use the skin once you complete some challenges in the game such as winning the match or playing with a friend. And if you don't want to complete these challenges, you can buy this bundle later using V Bucks.

NBA package

This package initially appeared in the trial documents against Apple, but now the company has officially confirmed its arrival. The bundle includes some of the most famous basketball players that you can get and customize as you wish. This is the third sports package in the game Fortnite after the heroes of football and American football.

Catwoman Zero look

This figure incorporates the design of the character Catwoman from Batman's Zero Point series and is part of the crossover between Fortnite and the story. There doesn't seem to be a way to get the bundle for free, but you can get the pickaxe for it for free by exchanging a code. You can get this code by reading the character magazine on the Dc Universe infinite website.

Batman Zero Pack

This bundle is the official start of the collaboration between the Batman series and Fortnite. The story takes place on the island of Fortnite, where Batman finds himself there without memories, and he must try to win the game and return to his world. You can get this bundle by entering the codes in the six issues of the story, and you can also get it by buying it from the game store.

Beast Boy look

Fortnite's collaboration with DC continues, this time with the Beast Boy character from the popular Teen Titans series. You can purchase this package from the game store.

Deimos Package

This package comes as part of the Fortnite Crews collection for the month of May 2021, and includes a set of additions to the look, as it includes 1,000 virtual currencies with a Battle Pass for the game, and you can also access the PVE mode in Fortnite called Save The World.

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