Learn about the third eye technology to help phone addicts avoid disasters while walking


Korean industrial designer Min-Wook Paeng created the so-called third eye as part of his Phono Sapiens project, the device connects to your head and uses sensors to detect incoming obstacles as you walk down the street, alerting the phone when it detects something about approx. meters, to prevent a catastrophic result as many people use smartphones while walking in the streets, which can expose them to safety problems in the event of inattention, as this device was primarily designed in the hope of drawing attention to the problem of distracted walking, according to Digitartlends.

Min Wook, a graduate of Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, said, It's rare to see people walking on the streets without their smartphones which is why the 'SCMP' Third Eye was designed, the device can help them walk comfortably while looking at their smartphone.

During an exercise in which Min Wook tested his third eye on the streets of Seoul, some passersby said it made him look like an alien, while others admitted that they might actually need the device for their own safety.

Instead of marketing the third eye, the 28-year-old industrial designer said his goal is to use the device to draw attention to the problem of distracted walking.

The device is meant to criticize what we do with our smartphones, Min Wook said, adding, I hope this stimulates the future of our society and reflects the absurdity in ourselves.

Seemingly eager to address this issue, earlier this year Google began rolling out a Heads Up feature for Android that urges distracted pedestrians to stay aware of their surroundings.

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