Learn fast typing via the keyboard in Arabic and English

Fast typing is one of the most important skills that many people need to learn. This is because this skill is essential and effective, especially for those who work in areas that need to type quickly on the keyboard, from typing to programming.

And learning this skill is not difficult, and the goal is to reach typing as quickly as possible with the fewest errors, without having to look at the keyboard while typing, of course.

Because of the importance of this skill, there are dozens of sites that offer a free writing service. It is also easy for the user to learn whether he is writing in Arabic or English.

Learn fast typing with the keyboard

Learning fast typing is a process similar to learning any other skill. Where you need to learn the basics and principles and then practice for a number of hours. The basics here are simple, and depend on centering your hands in a suitable place that allows access to all the buttons, as in the picture:

And the journey to develop this skill begins by relying on one of the specialized sites for this, perhaps the most prominent of which is the Typing Study site. When entering the site, it asks you to select the desired language from among a large number of languages ​​it supports. You can choose Arabic or English, and then the site shows you how to type quickly through a number of exercises that gradually become more difficult.

One of the other sites is Tybaa, which also provides step-by-step lessons divided by keyboard rows, and specializes in teaching Arabic typing. There are many sites to teach this skill, including Harmash, which helps to develop the skill and increase its speed, as well as many tips on the ideal sitting posture for writing. The site also offers different exercises that help increase speed and accuracy.

And if you have already mastered the skill and want to test it, there are sites dedicated to measuring speed, not education. Among them is TypingTest, which allows you to test your speed, along with a range of interesting games in the same field.

There is no doubt that fast typing requires its practitioner not to look at the keyboard. It also needs the use of ten fingers in writing. And here we move to talk about the TypingClub site, which helps to develop these skills but is based on the English language with no support for Arabic.

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