Learn how to convert a home Wi-Fi password into a QR code for easy sharing


Usually receives some friends home and you need to tell them your WiFi password and if it is a complicated password you will need to write it for them, and it becomes annoying and cumbersome if there are more than two friends in your house, but you can speed up the whole process by using the response code Which your friends can scan to connect to your network.

  • Go to wifi on your desktop browser.

  • Enter the Wi-Fi SSID, Encryption Type, and Password.

  • Create a QR code and print it.

You can use other tools like ZXing's QR Code Generator or QR4 Generator for the same task, which makes you do not need to type the password for all of your friends one by one.

And if you don't want to use any websites, you can use Siri Shortcuts from your iPhone or iPad to generate an icon.

And if you are using an Android 10 phone, you can follow this guide to generate a QR code directly from your device settings.

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