Learn how to hide app pages in iOS 14


The new iOS 14 contains a lot of updates that revolve around customizing your screen layout. You are no longer restricted to standardizing app tiling for iOS in the past, you can now customize your screen using large widgets or combinations of them, and if you don't want to Certain apps take up space on your phone pages and you can hide them - whole pages thereof, according to TheNextWeb.

And all users have a page or folder of applications on their iPhone devices, which is completely full of applications that we rarely use but do not want to get rid of them for one reason or another, and they are usually filled with applications such as shared transportation or aviation even if you have an angel car or stop traveling For epidemic conditions, but you need to keep them, for example?

Fortunately, the iOS system does not require you to keep these apps on your phone anymore, at least invisibly, you can now hide them while keeping them on your phone in case you need them at any time. Here's how to do that.

In order to access the option to hide the app page, press and hold any part of your screen to show the edit mode, also known as the everything oscillates mode.

Once in edit mode, tap on the dotted gray bar at the bottom of the screen which will usually display the app page.

Doing so takes you to the layout of your page, you will see the pages of your applications with checkmarks under them, to hide a page, deselect the tick under it.

Note that this will not delete any of the apps, you can still access them from the new app library.

To get there, just swipe to the left of the app page on the far right, look for any app that was on the hidden page and you can find it.

Once you have successfully hidden one of your pages, you will be informed that new app downloads will automatically go to the app library, instead of the home screen. This means that new app tiles will not appear on your screen but will be available in the app library if you want to take a look at them.

And if you want to change this again, go to the Settings app, then look for Home screen settings, it will give you the option to change the new app downloads back to the Home screen.


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