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Learn how to verify the account of groups and pages on Telegram


Telegram provides the ability to authenticate the account of groups or public pages and bots through it, but you cannot authenticate the personal Telegram page. This is because groups and pages are public in Telegram, and anyone can create a page related to their work or public account.

The Telegram verification appears as a blue tick next to the group name, and you can get it easily.

The Telegram application is one of the most important social networking applications, and it has the advantage of being less restricted than WhatsApp and the rest of Facebook's social networking platforms.

It is not required for a Telegram group to have a certain number of users in order for a group account to be verified.

Documenting the account of the Telegram group means that this group is an official group and is affiliated with the owner of the name, and the Telegram team made sure that the group is official and affiliated with the same name.

There are many officially documented groups and pages on Telegram, such as Al Jazeera and many of the Telegram accounts themselves.

This is done by checking your other social media accounts, so you need Twitter or Facebook at first.

Verifying an account in Telegram does not provide you with any additional features or special treatment, but only that this is your official account and not any other account.

How to verify a Telegram account?

You can ask Telegram to verify your account by contacting him, but before that, you must add your official and verified accounts to your group data or public Telegram page.

Therefore, before knowing how to verify a Telegram account, you must verify your account through the following platforms:

  • Facebook or Instagram.

  • Twitter.

  • The YouTube.

After you add your verified accounts on these platforms, contact @VerifyBot via the account responsible for the group in Telegram.

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