Learn ways to paste attachments into Chrome using a keyboard shortcut


Chrome 90 has a trick that allows supporting pasting files from the desktop directly into the webpages where they are supported - just like in Gmail, this should reduce work for a few seconds when sharing attachments in emails according to the location the next web.

Here's how to enable and use the feature

Make sure Google Chrome 90 is installed and to update Chrome click the menu button (the three-dot button) near the top right corner, go to Help, About Google Chrome and then Chrome starts downloading the update automatically.

It will then prompt you to restart your browser, and it will keep your open tabs when it comes back on.

Once Chrome restarts, paste the following text and you will be taken to the settings page for experimental features:

chrome: / flags / # clipboard-filenames Next to the setting called Clipboard filenames, click on the menu and select Enabled.

You will need to restart Chrome again, after which the copy and paste feature will be ready for use on the desktop or file explorer, copy any file you want to include as an attachment in Gmail by selecting it and pressing Ctrl / Cmd + C, or choosing Copy from the context menu Right-click.

Visit Gmail in Chrome, and while composing or replying to a new email, press Ctrl / Cmd + V to paste the file as an attachment, it will appear as part of your email body.


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