"Legend of Sword and Fairy 1 VR Version" is online today

"The Legend of Sword and Fairy - VR Edition" was officially launched today, and the official said that it can be played in 35 cities across the country. According to the official promotional video, "Legend of Sword and Fairy 1 VR Edition" recreates the original pixel picture into a high-definition 3D picture, and up to four players can play the characters in the game by wearing a VR headset.

"The Legend of Sword and Fairy (1)" is a game produced by Daewoo Information and released in July 1995. The game tells the story of Li Xiaoyao, an ordinary inn boy, who met Zhao Linger, a descendant of the Nuwa ethnic group, by chance. In 2004, the work was adapted into a TV series of the same name.

Nationwide stores are as follows:

  • Beijing: World Trade Industry No. 3 Store/ Beijing Lize Real Home Store/ Beijing Changying Tian Street Store/ Beijing Heshenghui Shopping Center Store/ Wudaokou Shopping Center Store/ Beijing New World Store/ Beijing Han's Square Store/ Beijing Longde Plaza Store/ Beijing Qinghe Wanxianghui Store / Beijing Xihongmen Huiju Shopping Center / Beijing Wangjing New City Mall (coming soon)

  • Shanghai: Shanghai Jingan Joy City Store

  • Chengdu: Chengdu Chunxi Maoye Department Store/Chengdu Shangcheng Tianjie Store

  • Hangzhou: Hangzhou Raffles City Store / Hangzhou Xinyuan Cinema Store / Hangzhou Binjiang Powerlong City Store

  • Tianjin: Tianjin Binhai Wanda Store / Tianjin Peaceful Joy City Store / Tianjin Luneng City Store / Tianjin Binhai Gold Coast Store (coming soon)

  • Changsha: Changsha Huiju Center Store

  • Guangzhou: Guangzhou Fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza Store

  • Shenzhen: Shenzhen Zhonghang City Junshang Shopping Center Store/Shenzhen Huangting Store (coming soon)

  • Ningbo: Ningbo Mingzhouli Shopping Center Store

  • Wuxi: Wuxi T12 Fashion Shopping Center Store

  • Changde: Changde YouA International Plaza Store

  • Nanning: Nanning Parkson Pedestrian Street Store

  • Xiamen: Xiamen Shimao Mall

  • Leshan: Leshan Wanda Plaza Store

  • Xi'an: Xi'an Yitian Holiday Store

  • Hefei: Hefei Heart City Sports Playland Store

  • Zhengzhou: Zhengzhou Xintian 360 Plaza Store

  • Cangzhou: Cangzhou Wuyue Plaza Store

  • Qingdao: Qingdao Mixc City Store

  • Nanjing: Nanjing Golden Eagle World Store

  • Kunming: Kunming Kunbaida Xintiandi Store

  • Guiyang: Guiyang Huaguoyuan Store

  • Hohhot: Hohhot Victoria Moore City Store

  • Chongqing: Chongqing Longhu Times Tianjie Store

  • Taiyuan: Taiyuan Mixc City Store

  • Wuhan: Wuhan X118 Store

  • Shijiazhuang: Shijiazhuang UME Cinema Store

  • Suzhou: Suzhou Central Plaza Store (coming soon)

  • Heze: Caozhou Ancient City Store

  • Deqing: Zhejiang Deqing Store (coming soon)

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