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LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023: Supporting the Next Generation of Designers

Under the theme of "Design for a Better Tomorrow," the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD is an international design competition aimed at supporting and nurturing the creators who will lead the next generation. This year, 2,068 works were submitted from 63 countries and regions, with four being selected based on the criteria of "Innovate," "Captivate," and "Enhance Happiness." All of the award-winning works address different social issues such as sustainability and diversity through design.

Winners of the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023

The four award-winning groups will receive a valuable mentorship opportunity to refine their ideas over a period of three months with top creators who are active in their respective fields. The mentors for this year's program are Mayan van Auber, Joe Dorsett, Suzuki's Yuuri, and Sumaya Vallee. The winners will utilize the production support funds that are part of the award to create prototypes that embody their proposals.

The final prototypes created by the winners and their mentors will be unveiled in spring 2023. In addition, an online voting system has been introduced to allow the public to participate in the selection process and choose the "Design for a Better Tomorrow" winner, who will receive the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023 People's Choice Award.

Introducing the Winners

  • Fog-X by Pavels Hedström: Fog-X is a mobile device that collects fog in the air to secure 10 liters of water per day and can be expanded into a tent. This device can be used to secure water in areas with water scarcity problems, even in dry regions. Pavels Hedström, the winner, is an architect who explores existing ecosystems through a holistic design approach.

  • Print Clay Humidifier by Jermyn Liu: The Print Clay Humidifier is a sustainable humidifier that does not require electricity, making use of ceramics that are no longer needed. By using a 3D printer to create a unique shape with a large surface area, water absorption is increased. This humidifier is designed to be installed along a wall or window or to be combined with multiple units in larger spaces. Jermyn Liu, the winner, is an industrial designer who looks at everyday life from multiple perspectives and focuses on cross-cultural and sustainable design.

  • Touch the Valley by Temporary Office (Vincent Lai and Douglas Lee): Touch the Valley is a 3D puzzle that allows people with visual impairments to learn about topography through touch. By combining the shapes of adjacent pieces, one can imagine the scale and majesty of the natural environment. Temporary Office is a design team consisting of Vincent Lai and Douglas Lee, who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. They work on various projects that transcend boundaries and seek to constructively respond to the changing needs of the environment through design.

  • Zero Bag by Park Kyung-ho and Heo Ye-jin: The Zero Bag is a new clothing package that combines water-soluble plastic with paper-like detergent. By washing new clothes in the Zero Bag, the packaging melts away due to its properties, reducing plastic waste and washing away chemicals attached to the surface of the clothes. Park Kyung-ho and Heo Ye-jin are students majoring in industrial design at the Hanyang University ERICA campus in Korea.

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