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LG has become a partner of the series of discussions "Environments in Pushkinsky"


The series of discussions Pushkinskiy x LG Signature Wednesdays under the general title “See and See” opens the cooperation of the two partners in 2021, continuing the tradition of supporting Russian museums with an ultra-premium brand.

At the evenings that are broadcast on Wednesdays at 19:00 on the social networks of the museum, art critics, psychologists, collectors, theater directors, philosophers consider from different positions everything related to the human eye, his vision, and discuss such seemingly distant friends from a friend, plots such as perspective and color, love and beauty, collecting and social status will prove that the basis of a perception of all these concepts is Vision.

The discussions are also complemented by film screenings on the LG Signature OLED 8K TV, dedicated to the view of art and the problem of visual perception. The first discussion cycle, in the first online activities in which more than 300,000 listeners have already taken part, ends in July and will continue in the fall. Pushkinskiy x LG Signature Wednesdays project corresponds to the goals of the digital direction of the national project "Culture", whose task is to increase the accessibility of the cultural environment even in remote regions of Russia. Within the framework of the national project "Culture" by 2024, it is planned to open 500 virtual concert halls throughout the country, create 450 multimedia guides in regional museums and the appearance of more than 700 model municipal libraries; improving the quality of the cultural environment, including through online broadcasts of performances, concerts, and festivals.

The discussion on July 7 was devoted to the "Language of Color". What is color? A physical phenomenon or a unique tool of the artist that allows him to develop his own stylistic and semantic language? We learned how the attitude towards color and its meaning has changed over the centuries from a conversation held by those who study the history of color and the color itself from the point of view of not only the humanities but also the exact sciences. Moderator Gulya Baltaeva is a journalist, special correspondent for Vesti, author of programs, and host of Kultura TV channels. The speakers of the discussion were Marina Lopukhova, Candidate of Arts, Senior Lecturer at the Department of General History of Arts, Faculty of History, Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, a specialist in the art of the Renaissance and the classical tradition in the art of the West, Maria Bulakh - candidate of philological sciences,

The discussion on July 14 talked about the "Optics of Love". "Optics of Love, or Emotions in Art": How Does an Emotional State Affect the Artist's Eye? A discussion about this will touch upon one of the most important issues of creativity: how an artist creates his works and what is the driving force of the creative process. We all remember that each new novel by Pablo Picasso led him to a new style - from the neoclassicism of Olga Khokhlova's era to Guernica from the period of the artist's novel with Dora Maar.

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