LG OLED TV store opened in central Paris

LG Electronics has opened a flagship store for LG OLED TVs in the heart of Paris, France, and is speeding up its penetration into the European premium TV market. On the 25th, LG Electronics announced that it had recently opened the 'LG OLED Gallery', an OLED TV flagship store in Paris, France. On the 24th, local customers, media, and major customers were invited to the store to introduce the 2021 TV lineup.

The store is on the ground floor and the ground floor. The first floor is a gallery concept space, where the 'LG OLED EVO' released this year was displayed like a work of art. In the basement, major products such as the world's first rollable TV 'LG Signature OLED R' and LG Signature OLED 8K will be exhibited.

LG Electronics is actively targeting the European TV market, which has a particularly high preference for premium TVs, with the LG OLED EVO. OLED TVs sold to Europe in the first quarter of this year account for nearly half of global OLED TV shipments.

Hwang Yong-soon, vice president of LG Electronics France said, we will actively target the premium TV market through landmark stores where you can experience the innovative technology and design of LG OLED TVs.

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