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Li Xiang: The Ideal L9 will be officially released on June 21


Li Xiang, CEO of Lixiang Auto, announced important information updates about Lixiang L9. Li Xiang said that the official release time of the Ideal L9 is June 21. In July, all stores across the country can test-drive it. It will be officially delivered to users in August, and the delivery volume in September can exceed 10,000.

Li Xiang pointed out that the Lixiang L9 has already put into production thousands of mass-produced vehicles on the production line of the Changzhou base. Users can lock the order after the actual experience.

According to reports, the mass production of the Ideal L9 at the Changzhou production base is all ready, and the ideal supply chain investment on this generation of platforms will significantly improve the efficiency of production ramping and delivery. "We've invested billions and a lot of R&D personnel in real money to improve the efficiency and controllability of our supply chain."

In addition, Li Xiang said that although they can't make any promises, the production capacity of the Ideal L9 will climb very quickly. They are confident that they will achieve more than 10,000 deliveries in September and create a new record in the full-size flagship SUV. "Of course, the premise is that the epidemic can be brought under control as soon as possible."

According to previous information, according to different configurations, the ideal L9 price range is 450,000-500,000 yuan. In April this year, the Ideal L9 appeared on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's automobile declaration list. Ideal L9 is a plug-in hybrid multi-purpose passenger vehicle, with a 6-seat design, length of 5218mm, the width of 1998mm, the height of 1800mm, wheelbase of 3105mm, a total mass of 3120kg, curb weight of 2520kg, maximum speed 180km/h, tire size 255/50R20, 265 /45R21.

In addition, the ideal L9 engine has a maximum net power of 110kW. It uses a Ningde-era ternary lithium battery (42.6 kWh). The engine is an L2E15M manufactured by Sichuan Ideal Xinchen Technology Co., Ltd., with a power of 113kW and a displacement of 1496ml. Optional electric telescopic pedals are available. WLTC pure electric range of 175 km; minimum charge fuel consumption of 7.8 L/100 km (ideal ONE is 8.6 L/100 km).

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