LIDL offers LIVARNOLUX LED Zigbee outdoor lighting


Products from the smart home category have been appearing in LIDL for some time now. In addition to smart lighting, however, we will now also find products that we can also use outdoors. In addition to the smart irrigation computer, LIDL's LIVARNOLUX LED Zigbee outdoor lighting also appeared in LIDL's offer. This will please the possibilities of use and protection against water.

The light ball, the increasingly popular LIVARNOLUX brand, is based on Zigbee 3.0 technology, as well as other gadgets for smart homes from Lidl's offer. It is therefore necessary to purchase a Zigbee central control unit for this light to work properly.

When connected properly, you can look forward to 16 million colors, adjustable brightness, and shades of white light, which you can also comfortably control from the Lidl Home mobile application. For those of you who speak English, voice control via Google Assistant is ready.

The flawless functionality is ensured by an energy-saving LED bulb with a luminous flux of approximately 806 lumens. In addition, it is protected against water and dust by the IP65 standard, which corresponds to splash water.

Although this clever lighting is intended for outdoor use, it will certainly find its place in the interior, which can make it special. However, if we stick to outdoor use, future owners will certainly be pleased with the possibility of placing the light on the spike.

LIVARNOLUX LED Zigbee LIDL outdoor lighting was valued at only CZK 999 and, as with other products, it also offers the option of returning the product within 90 days completely free of charge. When ordering from the LIDL e-shop, delivery will take a maximum of three working days.

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