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Limited edition Ferrari 812: The best of Maranello?


More and more manufacturers are abandoning thirsty but extremely charismatic atmospheric twelve-cylinder engines. For example, McLaren, for example, said that the V12 engines were even doomed - while their most iconic and famous model, the F1 type, was powered by an atmospheric twelve. It seems that one of the last few bastions of this endangered species (if we are talking about road cars) is the Italian Ferrari.

Sure, Maranello isn't the very last place where you can still buy an atmospheric V12, but the next one is perhaps just Lamborghini and GMA , even the brand new Pagani Huayra R is only allowed on the circuit. The latest evolution of the 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder Ferrari 812 produces 820 horsepower at a stratospheric 9,500 rpm, making it the most powerful engine a road car manufacturer has ever offered, as even in the biblical LaFerrari, the then version of the engine only some 800 horses.

However, it is possible that you are reading us right now by pure chance in the doctor's waiting room and you are interested in the headline or the likable car on the banner. And you probably know that every gasoline engine sucks a mixture of hot air and fuel into its bowels, where it is compressed inside the combustion chambers in the cylinders, ignited with spark plugs, and leaves the car's exhaust with the exhaust.

In that intake phase, supercharged engines help with a turbocharger, which helps to suck more of the flammable mixture into the engine due to the (usually) higher pressure than the atmospheric one. However, such an engine loses its immediate reaction to the depressing of the accelerator pedal and especially the sound, which are two components that together we gasoline lunatics usually refer to as character.

Atmospheric engines do not help with this invention, so the flammable mixture travels to the engine under normal pressure, ie. atmospheric. However, due to increasingly stringent emission standards, such engines are already being abandoned on a large scale. The engine in the Ferrari 812 is the case. And since this one has twelve cylinders, it has a dense, graduating (read exciting) onset of performance and an absolutely incredible sound, reminiscent of old Formula 1 cars.

The Ferrari 812 is one of the few cars produced today that is powered by an atmospheric twelve-cylinder. The second is then Lamborghini and he will also be preparing GMA with type T.50. Other manufacturers either produce V12s with turbochargers or do not offer them at all.

As the 812 is quite possibly the last such car in Ferrari's history, the Maranello wants to make sure that even today's generation does not forget these exceptional machines. With this model, in which Ferrari shared the look with us, but no longer the official name of the limited edition, it promises a lot of improvements that deepen the driving experience. Among them is a new and unspecified system of "independent steering of all wheels, which will probably be based on the existing system, where the rear wheels also turn slightly.

Another highlight is the seventh generation of the intelligent stabilization system, which helps the driver keep the car in spectacular skids without causing a spectacular crash, and which in Maranello they call Side Slip Control.

For example, the body is reportedly almost completely new - thanks to the advanced aerodynamic development, as they are suffocating at Ferrari. The body not only spent countless hours in the wind tunnel but was also fine-tuned by the Ferrari Styling Center design studio. This means a new design of the front intake ports, a giant rear diffuser, a new shape of the exhaust tailpipes, and even a new design of the rear window, replaced here by a single piece of aluminum. All this should contribute to a better flow of air around the car, higher downforce, or both.

So this handsome man will be more aerodynamic than the standard Ferrari 812 Superfast, it will be more powerful, it will also be lighter, although we do not know exactly how much of the 1,630 kilograms of the dry weight of the 812 Superfast will be lost. But one thing is certain - it will definitely be faster! And more expensive.

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