LinkedIn joins the European Union to remove hateful posts


Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has committed to doing more to quickly eliminate illegal hate speech from its platform in the European Union by officially signing up for a self-regulatory initiative that seeks to address the problem through a voluntary code of conduct.

In a statement, the European Commission announced that the professional social network had joined the European Union's Code of Conduct on Combating Unlawful Hate Speech Online with Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders, and welcomed LinkedIn's participation (albeit belatedly), adding in a statement that the blog “It is and will continue to be an important tool in combating hate speech, including within the framework established by digital services legislation. I am calling on more companies to join, so that the online world is free of hate.

While the LinkedIn name hasn't been officially associated with voluntary law before now, it said it supports the effort across parent company Microsoft, which is already registered.

LinkedIn is a place for professional conversations where people connect, learn and find new opportunities. Given the current economic climate and the increasing reliance on job seekers and professionals everywhere on LinkedIn, our responsibility is to help create safe experiences for our members, we couldn't be more clear about zero tolerance With hate speech on our platform, LinkedIn is a powerful part of our members' professional identities throughout their careers - and can be seen by their employer, colleagues, and potential business partners.

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