Lisa Su became the first woman to receive the Robert Noyce Medal


AMD CEO Lisa Su on Friday joined a limited list of individuals whose contributions to the semiconductor industry were deemed significant enough to be honored with the prestigious Robert N. Noyce Medal. The award, presented by the IEEE and funded by Intel, was presented to Lisa Su in recognition of her “leadership in pioneering semiconductor products and successful business strategies that have propelled the microelectronics industry forward.” Lisa Su's actions at the head of AMD played a large role in this recognition, which allowed the company to rapidly strengthen its position in many markets. Suffice it to say that AMD's share price has surged from $ 2 in 2014 to $ 110 per share today.

Lisa Su has an education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has worked in research and technology groups at IBM. After 11 years with the company, in 2006 she became vice president of the IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center in New York. Lisa Su then moved to AMD as Senior Vice President in charge of the company's global business units, where it took her only two years to become president and CEO of the company.

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