Listen to the second part of the Czech dubbing Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Now the authors present another hour-long tasting of the more advanced phase of the game. Although it is a semi-professional fan project, professional dubbers and actors will also take care of dubbing some characters.

Complete dubbing could not have taken place without financial support from the community. The total balance on the authors' transparent account has already exceeded 900,000 crowns. This amount is sufficient for the main and secondary storylines, including any additional extensions. Daniel Vávra also contributed a considerable amount, capturing the character of Hanuš himself. However, you will not hear his voice in the demo yet.

The authors also point out that the cast in the final form of dubbing will undergo slight changes compared to the current demonstration. In any case, you can listen to Daniel Vávra in this short video while dubbing.

The authors will use the remaining money to pay for more well-known professional dubbers. If you would like to support the dubbing creators yourself financially or learn more information, you can visit the official website of the project. Dubbing should be released by the end of this year. It is not yet certain whether, in addition to the PC version, it will also look at the console.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance itself was announced during E3 with a version for Nintendo Switch, which probably would never have been created without the interest of the community. How do you like the second demonstration of dubbing?

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