Lower the temperature of your car more than 10ºC when leaving it in the sun with this retractable


If you have to park your car in full sun this summer, lower the temperature inside with this practical and inexpensive retractable sunshade.

With the arrival of high temperatures many times we are forced to have to park the car in full sun, something very annoying if we have to use it later since if the sunlight hits the vehicle directly, the passenger compartment can reach 55ºC if in Outside there is a constant 35ºC, a common temperature in summer in many regions of Spain.

Retractable car sunshade

Remember that heat causes a conductor to react 20% slower with temperatures of 35ºC, compared to another that circulates at 25º. In fact, the effect is similar to driving under a BAC close to 0.5 g / l in the blood. Although most cars already have air conditioning, until a comfortable and safe interior temperature is achieved, several minutes can pass, with the consequent danger.

In this situation, the parasol is an essential accessory and effective. In fact, an investigation by the RACC together with the Swiss car club TCS, for its French acronym, indicates that placing it under the windshield reduces at least 11ºC, a significant decrease.

This time we present you with a reflective sunshade with UV protection, which does not fade due to direct sunlight and can isolate more than 90% of the rays.

Heat causes a driver to react 20% slower. It includes an automatic telescopic function that allows it to be folded, it is light and easy to install using suction cups that stick to the car window. In addition, once collected it takes up little space.

In this way, in addition to reducing the temperature inside your car when it is parked in full sun, you will avoid getting burned on the steering wheel.

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